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My GF is Jealous About My Blog

Apparently my gf can’t stand that I have a better blog than her. Hey, that’s alright with me. She’s still on that whole “Google Blogger is the best” phase. Too 90’s for me.


Corny Guy in a Tie and Tux Commercials

When will these end? Honestly? These whole ‘put a random guy in a tux and a tie – have him say stupid stuff commercials are just absolutely archaic. Okay, for the first few times (maybe Geico) it was fun/funny/even humorous. But after the whole Doritos ‘hi I’m a guy with a deep voice and a tux on in the amazon’ started showing its putrid face – ehhh, that’s enough for us.

Where’s the originality? Where’s the funny(ness)? Well, we’ll have a few ideas in a short bit to get us back to what mattered most. Guys without tuxes.

(i.e. )


Well, that was a night cap!

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Pretending Like it Never Happened

Things are beginning to look a tad strange around here. So here, head to a Ladies Night. Guide to Milwaukee Ladies Nights


Don’t look back.

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Don’t Fret

Don’t worry guys. Going to take a short break. The non-stop, edge-of-your-seat action writing will be back shortly. Until then… more invisible text courtesy of Harry Potter:

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Do You Smell What the Rock is Cookin?

Well, let’s just say wordpress isn’t ready for what i’ve got cookin. And i will be using improper lowercase letters. And i will be taking over the world. Nightbyyou forever.

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Live Now & Prosper.


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Live Now & Prosper.